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halton chemical THINNERS And REDUCERS for all applications

Thinners and reducers can be used for a multitude of applications, from thinning pigmented coatings to cleaning or flushing equipment. Thinners and reducers can also be used as cleaners for various tools, such as brushes, applicators, and rollers. Choose your product based on the task and evaporation rate most applicable to the project at hand. Our highly experienced representatives will be happy to guide you to the right line of lacquer thinners and reducers, or determine if a custom mixture would be more suitable.
Adhesive Thinners

Adhesive thinners are available with varying evaporation rates and specialized uses. Typical applications include improving the ease of brush application of your adhesive, cleaning a surface prior to using a contact adhesive, or helping to remove wet or dry contact adhesive.

Lacquer Thinners and Reducers

Halton Chemical offers varying evaporation rates and specialized uses for its lacquer thinners to ensure ease and appropriate application of your lacquer product. HAPs Free thinners are also available to work with our line of HAPs Free lacquers.

- T4424 - Fast Evaporation Rate
- T4409 - Slow Evaporation Rate
- T4428 – Extra Slow Reducer
- T5244 – KU Furniture Grade Slow Reducer
- T5525 – Lacquer Thinner HAPs Free

Paint Thinners

As with our other lacquer thinners and reducers, Halton Chemical paint thinners are available with a range of evaporation rates and specialized applications. An excellent tool to adapt your paint for spraying, paint thinners also prepare, clean or condition the surface prior to applying your paint.

Gun Thinners

This line of lacquer thinners and reducers is ideal for flushing and cleaning spray equipment, as well as paint guns. Our premium thinners can also be specially blended to your specifications. 

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Halton Chemical offers complete customization of your order of lacquer thinners and reducers or wood coatings for furniture industry, from packaging, volume and viscosity, to logistics and storage. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-877-231-8954 to discuss your needs today, or contact us via email. We strive to provide you with the most competitive cost and efficient service drawing from over 50 years of experience to address all of your concerns or questions.


Custom Blending
& Private Labeling

Halton Chemical clients are able to utilize our custom blending and private labeling capabilities to formulate and market products that meet even the most unique or specialized requirements. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and some of the most experienced technicians in the industry to ensure that each custom order is fulfilled to exacting specifications.

Highly Qualified Lab
to Meet Your Needs

A vital component of any successful business, QC is paramount at Halton Chemical. Whether it’s Halton Chemical’s own production or toll manufacturing quality control, our lab is equipped with the latest tools to fully test and accurately track each and every batch that leaves our facility.


50 Years of
Proven Experience

For over 50 years, Halton Chemical has been driven to provide the best in custom formulation and toll manufacturing for clients around the world. Founded in 1962, we have built our name on a commitment to quality, innovation, safety and environmental protection through research and development.

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