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Custom Blending Solutions

Halton Chemical Coatings: Custom Formulating At Its Best

The entire chemical industry is in constant and ever-changing flux. It seems that each passing year (and sometimes month) brings with it a host of new potential formulating materials for coatings. Custom formulating has become a key component of every successful manufacturer, and one that the specialists at Halton Chemical are renowned for.

Staying Ahead Of Change

New compounds and components are only part of the changing face of the chemical manufacturing industry. Frequent updates in policy and government regulations mean that chemical providers must stay constantly informed of changes that can have a drastic and lasting impact on products and formulations. Our scientists are endlessly researching, sampling and field-testing our current product line as well as the latest developments in order to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for any impending changes to government or industry requirements.

The Influx Of New Coatings: Custom Formulating Technology

Part of what has spawned so many new and innovative materials in recent years is the advent of a host of new formulating technologies. The Halton Chemical laboratory is constantly updated with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our chemists are equipped to assist clients in product development and enhancement. Even minor changes in formulating standards can have a major impact on product costs in both time and materials, so it’s vital that re-formulating be undertaken by experts like technical director Dr. Richard Johnston, who has the experience to understand each minute detail of the formulating process.

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Halton Chemical prides itself in offering clients fully customizable orders. From viscosity, color and chemical composition, to logistical concerns like volume, packaging and shipping details, each aspect of your order is under your control. Halton Chemical has over 50 years of experience in offering clients the most efficient and cost effective solutions for any coatings need. Our knowledgeable account representatives will be with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the products that best fit your specifications in a timely and convenient manner. Email us using our convenient online contact form, or contact us directly by calling 1-877-231-8954.

Custom Blending
& Private Labeling

Halton Chemical clients are able to utilize our custom blending and private labeling capabilities to formulate and market products that meet even the most unique or specialized requirements. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and some of the most experienced technicians in the industry to ensure that each custom order is fulfilled to exacting specifications.

Highly Qualified Lab
to Meet Your Needs

A vital component of any successful business, QC is paramount at Halton Chemical. Whether it’s Halton Chemical’s own production or toll manufacturing quality control, our lab is equipped with the latest tools to fully test and accurately track each and every batch that leaves our facility.


50 Years of
Proven Experience

For over 50 years, Halton Chemical has been driven to provide the best in custom formulation and toll manufacturing for clients around the world. Founded in 1962, we have built our name on a commitment to quality, innovation, safety and environmental protection through research and development.

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